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Solutions for powertrains

At Engine Expo 2013, the international trade fair for engine technologies, Henkel presented a range of multifunctional surface treatment solutions, adhesives and sealants designed to make assembly processes easier.

For example, Henkel has developed a range of innovative polyacrylate gasketing systems which have very high resistance to aggressive transmission oils and axle greases and are ideally suited to producing reliable and durable seals in transmission cases, differentials and axles. These polyacrylate-based liquid gaskets are up to nine times less permeable to volatile hydrocarbon compounds than conventional gaskets, do not affect the foaming behaviour of transmission and axle lubricants and can be painted over. A range of processing and dispensing devices is available for use with the liquid gaskets.

Visitors to the exhibition will also be able to find out more about Henkel’s impregnation service. Porosity and the resulting possibility of leakage are...

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