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3rd edition of Adhesives Technology Compendium published

Trends and Events

The new Adhesives Technology Compendium is now available. This English-language version has been updated for the third time and takes the significance of the German adhesives industry in the global competitive environment into account.

The worldwide demand for adhesives and sealants “Made in Germany” is as high as ever; the German adhesives industry exports almost one-third of its products every year.

In addition to its top technological position, the German adhesives industry is of great economic significance: with its total yearly production of more than 1.3 million tonnes of adhesives and sealants and almost 1 billion m2 of adhesive film and adhesive tape, the German adhesives industry achieved total revenues of currently approx. € 3.4 billion. The use of these adhesives systems generates a potential added value of more than € 350 billion. This enormous value creation corresponds to approx. 50 % of the contribution of the manufacturing industry and the construction industry to the German gross domestic product (GBP) — or to put it another way: around 50 % of the merchandise produced in Germany is adhesives-related.

The new Adhesives Technology Compendium provides a comprehensive English-language version of the performance and the product range of globally active adhesives suppliers, manufacturers and companies from the fields of equipment, research and services. It also includes important facts on the adhesives industry — including the latest legal regulations and European standards as well as test procedures and statistical overviews.

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