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New plant for the manufacture of viscous polybutadienes

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Synthomer today announced the opening of a multi-million Euro investment at its new facility for the production of viscous polybutadienes at Stallingborough in the UK. These compounds are available under the brand name of Lithene and are sold globally for use in a diverse range of applications, including automotive sealants, mould release products, coating additives and rubber modifiers. Various investments mark the start of production for the new Litheneultra range of products, which can be used in other applications for viscous polybutadienes thanks to their improved quality and performance. Litheneultra will be available from September 2013, with maleinised grades being launched during the final quarter of this year.

“The development of Litheneultra comes in response to growing customer demand for low-odour and low-VOC applications. This latest investment reflects a continued commitment to providing customers with market leading products for a wide range of applications and is one phase of a wider development programme for our Lithene product range,” said Ian Wilkinson, General Manager Performance Polymers.

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