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Energy-efficient crosslinking with low-pressure lamps

Curing of UV hotmelt pressure-sensitive adhesives
  • Benno Blickenstorfer
  • Wolfgang Aufmuth
Adhesives and Sealants

The standard medium-pressure mercury vapour lamps employed for crosslinking UV-hotmelt pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) draw between 120 W and 240 W power per centimetre of lamp width. The question therefore arises as to which properties and potential savings that might be attained from the use of energy-efficient low-pressure lamps.

UV-curable, hotmelt pressure-sensitive adhesives offer a number of advantages over other PSA technologies /1/. The adhesives are free of solvents and water and can be applied by conventional hotmelt adhesive coaters. The desired pressure-sensitive properties are achieved by irradiation with standard medium-pressure mercury lamps and vary with the UV dose (see box 1).

These lamps emit the characteristic mercury vapour spectrum over the entire UV range, drawing between 120 W and 240 W of power per centimetre lamp width. Highly energy-efficient, low-pressure amalgam lamps with integrated reflectors which have been developed for the coating industry...


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  • Benno Blickenstorfer
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  • Wolfgang Aufmuth
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  1. 1.Collano Adhesives AGSempach StationSwitzerland

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