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Low-shear dosing of micro-encapsulated adhesives

  • Christoph Sacher
  • Daniel Pössnicker
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Micro-encapsulated materials are playing an increasingly important role in almost all sectors of industry, but care is needed when processing this type of product. In order to avoid destroying the microscopic capsules at the wrong time, the materials must not be subjected to shearing forces when they are removed from their delivery containers and subsequently dispensed.

As early as the 1930s, tests were carried out using micro-encapsulated materials for carbonless copy paper (so-called NCR paper) in the printing industry. Since then, innovative manufacturing processes have continuously opened up new applications for this procedure ( Table 1). The purpose of micro-encapsulation is to lend new properties to different media by adding micro-encapsulated fillers. For example, two-component adhesives can be processed with just one medium, because the reactive components are incorporated into microcapsules in the base material. However, processing and, most importantly, dosing these media...

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