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Reliable, flexible and efficient

  • Tobias Königer
Applications Encapsulants for microelectronics

Appropriate packaging of microelectronic components in applications with aggressive surrounding conditions such as fuels, oils, vibration, and extreme temperatures requires reliable encapsulants. Enhanced materials on the basis of anhydride-curing epoxy resins fulfill this need.

The key advantages of the new high-reliability encapsulants are their optimized flowing and dispensing properties, and various curing options to make production processes faster and more efficient.

Application areas are mainly found in chip-on-board (COB) technology for the purpose of protection from thermal and mechanical stress, and aggressive media. In this field, semiconductor chips or sensor elements are completely or partially encapsulated on a printed circuit board. The encapsulant protects the assemblies from thermal and mechanical stress, and aggressive media. Further application areas include sensors and actuators. One example is the sealing of oil pressure sensors in the engine compartment.


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