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Joint Approach to Sustainability

Trends and Events

In a joint project, the German Adhesives Association (IVK), German Paint and Printing Ink Association and German Construction Chemicals Association have had sample environmental product declarations (EPDs) created for a selection of products relating to buildings. The official handover of the eight sample documents by the Institute for Construction and the Environment (IBU) to representatives of the three associations took place during the international construction trade fair BAU 2013 in Munich.

Construction materials and the way in which they are processed have a major influence on the sustainability of buildings. Detailed information about the individual components of the materials is of fundamental importance in assessing their contribution to sustainability. Environmental product declarations or EPDs, a concept developed primarily by the IBU, fulfil this requirement. EPDs provide comprehensive, neutral information which can be used throughout the world and which includes all the environmental properties of construction products. As a result, they make available the data needed by certification bodies, planners and architects to enable them to evaluate the sustainability of buildings.

Sample EPDs have proved particularly useful in this respect. These are sample declarations drawn up on the basis of framework formulations. They were commissioned by the associations and will be used by their member companies. This was the objective of the joint project set up by the German Adhesives Association (IVK), German Paint and Printing Ink Association and German Construction Chemicals Association. They had come to the conclusion that many of the products they were concerned with were very similar and had comparable environmental life cycle assessments. In addition, adhesives, varnishes, paints and other construction chemicals constitute less than 1 percent of the mass of a building. Therefore, from the perspective of the associations it makes little sense to draw up individual EPDs for construction chemicals, adhesives and paints.

The sample EPDs were handed over to the directors of the three associations involved at the BAU exhibition in Munich: (from left) Norbert Schröter (German Construction Chemicals Association), Klaus Winkels (German Adhesives Association (IVK)) and Michael Bross (German Paint and Printing Ink Association).


A total of eight sample EPDs for different groups of products were handed over in January 2013 on the IBU stand at BAU in Munich by IBU director Hans R. Peters to the directors of the three associations. Each EPD contains a series of different text modules describing the various technical applications. To accompany the EPDs, which are available on the Internet, each association has prepared guidelines to help its members categorise their products.

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