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BASF Invests in Production of Hexanediol


BASF will increase its annual global capacity for manufacturing the chemical intermediate 1,6-hexanediol (HDO) by more than 20 percent to more than 50,000 tonnes per annum by 2014. For this purpose, the company will further optimise its production processes, carry out various infrastructure projects and enhance its logistical processes. BASF will invest more than 30 million euros. BASF operates HDO production facilities at its Verbund sites in Freeport, Texas, and Ludwigshafen, Germany.

“By increasing our capacity and further optimising our operations, we are responding to the growing demand for innovative high-performance formulations,” said Sanjeev Gandhi, President, BASF Intermediates division, and added, “by aligning with the growth of our customers and ensuring the availability of high-quality HDO, we continue to serve our global customers as a reliable partner.”

The intermediate is used to manufacture industrial coatings, including lower volatile organic compound formulations, polyurethane plastics, adhesives and cosmetics. HDO also serves as a reactive thinner in the formulation of epoxy systems, which are used for the efficient production of rotor blades for modern wind turbines as well as construction components for automotive lightweight applications.

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