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Compostable adhesive system receives certification


BASF gained a further TÜV certificate (from DIN Certco) for its Epotal ECO adhesive, which has already been certified as being compostable. This new certification confirms that the entire adhesive system, consisting of Epotal ECO and its accompanying curing agent, fulfils the requirements of the European standard for compostable plastics (EN 13432) and, therefore, does not present any risks to the composting process.

This biodegradable, water-based adhesive was the first to be awarded the coveted certificate for compostable additives in 2010. It is now even more effective. Higher adhesion levels can be achieved by combining the adhesive dispersion with a special curing agent. Test results show that within 70 days 90 percent of the adhesive has broken down. After decomposition it leaves no toxic residues and has no negative effects on the environment. It can be used with all common biodegradable materials and is ideal for bonding paper and manufacturing completely compostable packaging. Initial prototypes, such as coffee packaging and bags for sweets or instant soups, demonstrate its practical applications. Interest in compostable materials is growing in other areas such as the shoe, carpet, clothing and sports goods industries.

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