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New mould sealer cures at room temperature

Henkel has a new mould sealer in its product portfolio. The sealer, called Loctite Frekote CS-122, was developed as a standard sealer for low- to medium-gloss composite materials, but it can also be applied to both metal and epoxy moulds and is compatible with Frekote release agents.

A new product on the market is a sealer for low- to medium-gloss composite materials such as rotor blades.

When applied to a mould, the sealer forms micro-thin, thermally stable surfaces that are chemically bonded to the mould surface, thus sealing micro porosity. Compared to the predecessor product, curing time is reduced to two hours. The new product can also seal larger porosities because it allows thicker coatings to be applied. The sealer can be either sprayed or wiped on the surface at temperatures of between 13 °C and 40 °C. Energy-consuming preheating of the mould is therefore unnecessary. After curing, the sealing remains stable at temperatures as high as 400 °C.

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