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Reliable and Environmentally Friendly Processes for Coating MDF

Ultra-Low Temperature Powder for Wood-Based Materials
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Powder Coating

A product that gives consistent results, contains no solvents and uses little energy is ideal for high-quality coatings for furniture. A new highly reactive ultra-low temperature powder coating allows heat-sensitive wood substrates to be coated reliably and with a reduced environmental impact.

MDF is a material that is widely used in the furniture industry. As the demand for environmentally friendly coating systems continues to grow and legislation places increasing restrictions on the use of VOC-based coatings, users are on the lookout for modern, sustainable alternatives. These must be easy to use and also offer a wide range of colours and design options. For wood substrates, a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly process and low curing temperatures are needed, together with a coating which enhances the design of the finished products and gives them long-term protection.

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