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A Breakthrough in Powder Coating MDF

New Process Technology and Powder Coatings
  • Ralf Högel
  • J. Wagner GmbH
Powder Coating

In early 2013, a Slovakian furniture supplier installed a new powder coating system for MDF components. The two production lines use both a new technology and a new powder coating, which produce high-quality results while keeping costs to a minimum.

Powder coating is a standard solution for coating metal parts which is environmentally friendly and has become well-established over the years. Until recently, the situation for wood and wood-based materials was quite different. Powder coating MDF is a complex process with its own specific requirements. Thomas Peter Schwarz, a powder coating specialist at Wagner, explains the challenges involved: “The distribution of moisture in medium-density fibreboard varies significantly. MDF also has a low level of electrical conductivity and an uneven density at its edges and on its surfaces. Until now, these factors have prevented powder coatings from being applied reliably to the material. Our forward-looking technology and newly developed...

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