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Vacuum Flasks Need Infrared Heat

Infrared System for Decorative Coatings on Insulated Containers
  • Heraeus Noblelight GmbH
Liquid Coating

Insulated flasks and mugs come in a variety of shapes and colours. Decorative motifs on the containers must be scratch-resistant, tough and ideally also dishwasher-proof. All of this presents challenges for the quality of the coating. A leading manufacturer of high-quality insulated flasks has resolved this problem using an infrared system.

Vacuum flasks from the Isobottle range developed by Alfi GmbH in Wertheim in Germany are made from stainless steel with a painted coating. Decorative patterns are applied to the outside of the flasks using spot colours or screen printing. Alfi applies the UV paints at six stations on a printing machine supplied by KBA-Kammann GmbH. UV paints cure in a fraction of a second to form a coloured film when exposed to UV radiation. During the curing process, which is known as radical polymerisation, photo-initiators are activated by intense UV light. Chemical compounds are firstly broken down and then cross-linked to form new compounds. When Alfi...

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