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Effective Measurement of Corrosion Protection Coatings

A Range of Devices for Measuring Coating Thickness
  • Helmut Fischer GmbH
Measuring and Testing

Measuring the thickness of corrosion protection coatings presents a wide variety of challenges for users and measuring systems. A revised range of handy, easy-to-use thickness measuring devices offers high levels of functionality and precision, together with a compact and robust design.

The devices in the MP0x family from Helmut Fischer are quick and easy to use and, at the same time, have an impressive level of repeatability precision. The intuitive menu system makes the devices simple to operate and the new graphical display rotates depending on the position of the device, like a smartphone. A second display on the top of the device allows measurements to be read easily when measuring overhead, for example.

A conductivity compensation function for the eddy current method also enables measurements to be made on a variety of non-magnetic substrates, without the need for additional time-consuming calibration in situ on the base material in question.

Precise measurements of powder...

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