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Chrome-Free Pre-Treatment of High-Class Aluminium Profiles

Successful Conversion to Chromium(VI)-Free
  • Mike Schirdewahn
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

A job coater has successfully converted its chromium(VI)-based pre-treatment process to chromium(VI)-free silane-based technology. Thus, the company already meets future REACH requirements and supplies high-quality, chromium-free aluminium profiles to renowned facade construction companies.

The core activity of Koenigsdorf Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Wolfhagen, Germany, is the refining of metal surfaces. With anodizing technologies and powder coatings, the company has been actively ensuring since the 1960s that building facades can withstand the most diverse weather conditions for many decades. Besides a long-lasting, decorative surface, the refined aluminium profiles and sheets produced by this company also afford excellent corrosion protection. With a workforce of around 130 employees, the GSB- and Qualanod- member Koenigsdorf Oberflächentechnik coats around 10,000 square meters per day, mainly aluminium surfaces, on a total of three production lines. The horizontal line —...

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