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Coating Individual Passenger Seats Efficiently

Powder Coating Unit with Quick Colour Change System
Powder Coating

Increasingly, the seats in buses and trains have individual designs consisting of a variety of components, colours and materials. One seat manufacturer has invested in a modern powder coating system which allows it to coat small batches of its products efficiently. The new solution has significantly reduced colour change times and keeps powder wastage to a minimum.

I would like to bet that, after reading this article, you will take a very close look at your seat the next time you travel by train or bus. Because it is surprising how many components, colours and materials are used for seats on public transport. For more than 60 years, Franz Kiel GmbH has been producing public transport passenger seats in Nördlingen (Germany) and Nowy Tomysl (Poland). The company’s production process includes the latest powder coating technology, which enables it to meet all its customers’ seating requirements, from high-speed trains in the USA to the railway system for the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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