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Three New Oven Heating Concepts

Cutting Energy Costs and Emissions
  • Oliver Iglauer
Automotive Finishing

Curing vehicle body paint is the most energy-intensive part of the automotive finishing process. It is responsible for around one third of the total energy consumption. This article presents three new oven heating concepts which bring significant reductions in the operating costs and CO2 emissions of paint shops.

As part of its Eco+Paintshop concept, which aims to reduce consumption, Dürr has developed three innovative oven heating processes. One of these is known as Ecopure TAR Suntec. It uses solar thermal energy to pre-heat a TAR system that cleans the exhaust air from the oven while generating process heat at the same time. Ecopure TAR Suntec is based on TAR technology, which is used to purify exhaust air and heat ovens in many paint shops. The innovative feature of the new system is the combination of TAR technology and solar thermal energy. It is particularly suited to automotive production facilities in areas with high levels of sunlight, such as Brazil, Mexico, India and...

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