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Corrosion Protection for All Eventualities

New KTL and Electroplating Systems
  • Martin Welp
Liquid Coating

In the field of corrosion protection zinc flake technology has been proven over the course of 30 years of use. However, in specific areas of application this technology comes up against system-related limits. This gap is now being filled by two new systems: an environmentally-friendly electroplating range and a high-performance KTL (e-coat) coating system.

The requirements of the automobile industry with regard to the surface protection of screws and other fastener elements are increasing continuously and becoming ever more complex. The zinc flake technology from Dörken MKS-Systeme has been satisfying these requirements for over 30 years.

Their unique characteristics mean that non-electrolytically deposited zinc flake coatings are used all around the world wherever parts and components need to be protected against corrosion and other influences.

Zinc flake systems and system-related limitations

With extremely thin layers in the 8 to 12 μm range these offer high cathodic protection with...

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