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All-Over Coating

New Dip-Spin System for Zinc Flake Coatings on Rack Parts
  • Benseler Oberflächen GmbH
Liquid Coating

At the beginning of the year, Benseler, a provider of surface finishing services, brought into operation a new dip-spin coating system for zinc flake coatings on rack parts. The plant is one of the most modern in Europe, in particular with regard to its level of automation and its low environmental impact.

It took only 18 months for the first ideas about expanding the company’s capacity to become a reality in the production department. In order to achieve as efficient a production process as possible, Benseler planned right from the start to install the dip-spin coating plant and the accompanying logistics systems in a separate building complex with a floor area of around 4000 square metres at its headquarters in the German city of Stuttgart. This allows the parts to move in an almost in-line process and in some cases fully automatically from the incoming goods department through pre-treatment and coating to the outgoing goods department, without the need for interim storage facilities.

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