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Cleanliness Inspection Directly at the Process

Optimized Fluorescence Measuring Technology
  • André Lohse
  • Lars Schümann
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

The basic requirement for high quality surface coatings as well as bonded or welded joints is sufficient cleanliness of part surfaces. An efficient fluorescence measuring technology allows parts’ control directly at the process.

To ensure that parts maintain the required level of cleanliness, it is necessary to constantly monitor them after cleaning. An easy-to-use fluorescence measuring technology that has been specially designed for this purpose enables the parts to be evaluated directly at the process. The fluorescence measurement devices can be adapted to suit each specific application.

Thin layers of contamination easily detected

The fluorescence measurement devices developed by Sita are designed to detect filmic contamination on metal, ceramic and glass surfaces. The contact-free measurement is based on the characteristic of materials used in the production process such as oils, greases, cooling lubricants, preservatives as well as skin grease to fluoresce when excited with UV...

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