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Effective Removal of Particles and Machining Oils

Cleaning Cold Extruded Parts with Perchloroethylene
  • Karl Roll GmbH & Co. KG
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

In order to meet cleanliness requirements, which include the absence of particles larger than 500 μm and the ability to bond and coat the surface, using a cost-effective and reliable process, a manufacturer of cold extruded parts invested in several identical perchloroethylene cleaning systems.

Alutec Metal Innovations, a company based in southern Germany, has been manufacturing cold extruded parts from aluminium since 1988 and more recently from hybrid materials such as aluminium copper alloys. Around 95% of its customers are tier 1 suppliers to the automotive industry, such as Bosch, Continental, ZF Lenksysteme, Hella and Behr.

The parts fall into three main product groups: housings, for example for parking assistance systems, cooling elements for applications in the field of power electronics and pistons, used among other things in car and commercial vehicle brake systems. The company, which has 180 employees, produces between 40 and 45 million of these items every year.

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