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Precision Cleaning with Modified Alcohol

German Precision for Electrical Components from Asia
  • Markus Mitschele
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

A vacuum parts cleaning machine has been developed for the Chinese company Shaanxi Elektro Ltd. to clean components for the final time before assembly. The main requirements for the cleaning process were a maximum particle size of 100 μm and a surface tension of at least 42 mN/m.

Shaanxi Elektro Ltd., which is based in central China, is one of Asia’s leading manufacturers of components for high-voltage systems. The young, growing company was established to provide high-tech solutions and now employs several thousand people in the development and production of switching devices for high-voltage systems and energy transmission.

Parts cleaning plays a major role

For companies in this sector, it goes without saying that a high-quality parts cleaning system is an essential component of the production process. Shaanxi Elektro has had several modern, fully automatic, European-made cleaning machines in operation for some years. All the systems use modified alcohol and operate under a full...

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