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No Heavy Metals, No Heating and Small Quantities of Sludge

Low-Energy Pre-Treatment Processes
  • Tobias Distler
Cleaning and Pre-Treatment

Many different metal pre-treatment procedures and products are now available which are much more environmentally friendly and use significantly fewer resources than their predecessors. Considerable savings can be made on the costs of energy, water, waste water and maintenance.

The introduction of the EU End-of-Life Vehicles Directive in 2002 brought an end to the use of chrome-plating as a pre-treatment for aluminium substrates by the automotive industry and its suppliers. As a consequence of the REACH Directive, which came into force in 2010, chrome compounds are now on the list of substances of very high concern (SVHCs). The labelling requirements for other existing materials used for the pre-treatment of iron and steel have also changed significantly, which means that their use needs to be carefully considered. There are two possible approaches to environmentally friendly pre-treatment: a phosphating process in which the materials that are subject to mandatory labelling requirements...

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