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Stripping Thick Coatings with Lasers and Eddy Currents

Removal without Residues
  • Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH
Coating Removal

Until now, laser cleaning processes have been restricted to use with thin coatings. Extensive laboratory and practical tests have now shown that a combination of a laser system and an induction process is effective in removing paint and epoxy-based coatings with a thickness of up to 25 mm.

Modern laser systems can remove paint and powder coatings from small and large areas at high speed, leaving behind no residues. The engineers from Clean-Lasersysteme GmbH needed to find an effective solution to the problem of removing not only thin layers, but also coatings with a thickness of several millimetres. Where the coating is more than 100 μm thick, a combined method has proved extremely valuable.

Induction coating removal

The inductive process involves inducing a powerful current in a metallic component by means of electric transmission. A coil designed to suit the shape of the component is supplied with an alternating current. The inductive transmission process causes an eddy current to...

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