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Reduced Powder Consumption and Higher Throughput

Office Furniture Manufacturer Benefits from Ultra-Thin Powder Coating
  • Karl Bubenhofer AG
Powder Coating

The Swiss company Bigla manufactures high-quality office furniture with a modern and practical design. The company recently switched over to an ultra-thin powder coating, and the result was a significant reduction in powder consumption and an increase in plant capacity.

In addition to functionality, the decisive factors for buyers of office furniture are its appearance and feel. These items are no longer simply filing cabinets and desks, they are key features in the design of an office,” explained Regula Zaugg, head of marketing and communications at Bigla. With the aim of increasing quality by improving the levelling properties and reducing accumulations of powder in the corners, Bigla began investigating the use of ultra-thin power coatings. They found the solution at Karl Bubenhofer AG.

25% higher throughput

Sandro Gervasi, machinery and assembly manager at Bigla, was given the task of improving the efficiency of the powder coating process and saving energy, in addition to meeting...

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