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Controlled Discharges

Conductive ESD Mixed Powder Coating
  • Brillux Industrielack
Powder Coating

One method of protecting electronic components from unwanted electrostatic charges, which is not only safe and reliable but also easy to use and cost-effective, is by applying a conductive ESD mixed powder coating.

Electrostatic charges occur frequently and are generally caused by frictional electricity (the triboelectric effect). Potential differences in chargeable objects result in electrostatic charges building up, for example in the form of sparks or breakdowns. Uncontrolled electrostatic discharges (ESDs) of this kind represent a major risk when working with electronic components and assemblies, because even a small charge can permanently damage a sensitive part. This problem affects almost all electrical, electronic and optoelectronic components.

The basic principle of ESD protection is to stop the charge from building up by means of conductance and earthing. However, as discharges cannot be prevented altogether, it is important to ensure that uncontrolled discharges do not...

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