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Excellent Corrosion Protection from a Single Coat

Comparative Report on the Performance of Polyester Powder Coatings
  • Alexander Schelling
Powder Coating

In a recent study, the influence of the curing conditions on the corrosion protection properties of coatings on a number of different substrates was investigated. In addition, powder coatings which provide corrosion protection of at least category C4 medium with a single coat were identified. The objective was to find alternatives to the widely used primid systems that provide significantly improved protection against corrosion in the low-temperature range.

Acid-functional polyester powder coatings, which are cross-linked with b-hydroxyalkylamide or aromatic glycidyl ester (Araldite PT910 or PT912), are normally used in Europe for external applications. The specific type of system depends on the application and the properties needed.

The construction and agricultural machinery industry has specific technological requirements for its powder coatings, as a result of the complex welded structures and the combination of solid steel components, which are sometimes centimetres thick, and...

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