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Inverted Power & Free System

Flexible, Low-Maintenance and Oil-Free in All Processes
  • Doris Schulz
Materials Handling

A new power & free conveyor for liquid painting and powder coating lines combines the benefits of power & free overhead systems with those of floor-mounted circular conveyors, multi-track spindle conveyors and skid conveyors.

Where flexible transport systems for painted components are needed, power & free conveyors win hands down. However, overhead conveyors bring the risk that the components will become contaminated, which can lead to them being rejected. In contrast, solutions such as floor-mounted circular and multi-track spindle conveyors lack flexibility when it comes to diverting certain workpieces and then returning them to the main production line again. While skid conveyors are flexible, they are made up of much larger numbers of components. In the new inverted, floor-mounted power & free system, the manufacturer Eisenmann has combined the benefits of conventional overhead conveyors with those of floor-mounted systems and added a new solution to its range of conveyor systems....

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