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Pretreatment of Plastic Switches with Atmospheric Pressure Plasma
  • Inès A. Melamies
Cleaning and Pretreatment

The painted plastic switches on a dashboard are touched thousands of times during the life of a car. To ensure paint adhesion on millions of switches and control keys, one of the globally leading manufacturers treats the plastic parts with atmospheric pressure plasma.

Pretreatment of the material surface is the starting point for meeting the rigorous quality requirements of the paint process. A flawless paint finish and long-time stable adhesion cannot be achieved without microfine cleaning and activation of plastics which are resistant to adhesive bonding, such as polycarbonates (PC). Even after years of use, they should look and feel just the same. BMW, for example, requires the paint used for rotary switches to be sufficiently wear-resistant to withstand being turned through 360° no less than sixty thousand times before the paint shows any signs of damage. Standard pushbutton switches, such as CD or climate controls, must even be able to withstand at least a hundred thousand...

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