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Reducing Cleaning Costs by More than Two Thirds

Potential Savings in the Engine Production Process
  • Doris Schulz
Cleaning and Pretreatment

The cleaning systems used on modern engine and gearbox production lines in the automotive industry have the highest specific energy consumption of all the machines on the line. This is a very good reason for considering a more efficient approach to cleaning.

Sustainability and resource efficiency are the topics of the moment. The automotive industry is investing billions in more fuel-efficient vehicles and alternative drive systems and, of course, in environmentally friendly production processes. However, cleaning systems rarely come under consideration and this may well prove to be a mistake, because the large cleaning machines used in engine and gearbox production are major energy consumers. The parts are sprayed with large quantities of a heated cleaning agent and then dried in order to remove it. In addition, during the high-pressure deburring process at pressures of between 300 and 600 bar, the cleaning agent heats up and then has to be cooled again.

If the process which follows...

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