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Is NMP Still Needed in Coating Removers?

Stripping Coatings from Aluminium
  • Jürgen Silberzahn
Coating Removal

For many years, NMP was the most important solvent in coating removers that were used primarily to strip aluminium parts. Now, the changeover to products which do not contain NMP has largely been completed and has even been accompanied by an improvement in the results of the coating removal process.

Until a few years ago, NMP (N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone) was the main solvent in non-water-based coating removers used primarily to strip aluminium parts. Its reproductive toxicity had been identified some time before, but it took several years for this to be officially recognised as part of the programme for labelling hazardous substances. Chemische Werke Kluthe GmbH had developed and marketed NMP-free alternatives long before the change in the labelling took place. However, because of the repeated delays in changing the legal classification, many users postponed the move to NMP-free coating removal products. The changeover has now taken place in the majority of companies and has brought with...

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