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The Benefits of Paint Recirculation Systems Combined with Pressure Tanks

Non-Damaging and Pulsation-Free
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Liquid Coating

Recirculation systems are often used to supply spray guns with paint and are essential for materials with a tendency to form sediments. If important factors include handling the materials with care, producing first-class finishes and, at the same time, saving energy, systems with pressure tanks are the ideal alternative to those that use only pumps.

In all situations in which the use of pressure regulators can cause problems in recirculation systems, for example in the case of shear-sensitive water-borne paints, metallic coatings or abrasive media, systems with pressure tanks are the perfect solution, as material pressure regulators are not needed. Paint recirculation systems from Walther Pilot are designed in such a way that the circulating mechanism is only in operation during breaks in the spraying process. While the coating is being applied, the paint is supplied from a pressure tank and is not circulated. Only when the spray gun is hung up does the dual diaphragm pump for the...

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