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Clean in Only 20 Seconds

Rapid Cleaning System for Paint Spray Guns
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Liquid Coating

A new rapid cleaning device can be used to clean paint spray guns between spraying processes or during colour changes in the space of only 20 seconds. It has been specially designed to be installed outside the spray booth.

Disposable cup systems for mixing and applying paint have significantly cut the time needed for colour changes. Special cleaning systems for spray guns have now been developed to allow for further time savings. In 2007, Sata launched the Sata clean RCS rapid cleaning device, which is fitted inside the spray booth. In contrast, the new Sata clean RCS compact model is intended for installation in the mixing area or outside the spray booth. This new system makes it possible to use cleaning agents directly from the original container. The use of conventional large barrels significantly increases the time between changeovers, because the agents do not need to be transferred to smaller containers.

Cleaning spray guns without damage using the rapid cleaning system.

Cleaning in only 20 seconds

The paint channel and the air nozzle can be cleaned within only 20 seconds leaving absolutely no residues. This short amount of time is also sufficient for critical colour changes, for example from black to white. This is due to the special, non-damaging cleaning process, which is known as cavitation cleaning. It enables good results to be achieved even with standard cleaning agents, which helps to keep costs low. In addition, the cleaning system is highly cost-effective, because it is easy to use and almost maintenance free.

Simple and safe to use

A suction pipe available as an accessory extracts vapours from the cleaning system before they can reach the working area. Users find it easy to position the spray gun in the device and the flexible cleaning nozzle and effective, soft cleaning brush prevent any damage from being caused to the air nozzle and the gun. Before the cleaning process, the gun is connected to a compressed air supply so that cleaning agent cannot penetrate into the air ducts. This ensures that no deposits form and that the gun is not damaged in any way.

A blow drying device prevents corrosion from forming on the body of the gun.

Easy operation

The cleaning system is fitted with a robust quick connector for the spray guns that are being cleaned, a spray protection device, practical storage areas for cups in front of and on top of the system (for example for pre-prepared RPS cups containing the next colours to be used) and a gun holder, all of which ensure that the system is easy to use. It is suitable for all spray guns with gravity feed cups.

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