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Improving Performance and Cutting Wastage

New Painting Robot Model
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Liquid Coating

A new generation of painting robots offers increased productivity and ease of use.

In March 2013, b+m surface systems launched a new generation of painting robots. The six-axis articulated arm robot (T1 X5 model) is highly advanced in terms of its technical performance and ease of operation and maintenance. It also complies fully with the new version of the safety standard for industrial robots which is expected to be published in 2015.

The robot has been developed specifically for painting, which means that other areas where conventional industrial robots are used, such as materials handling, assembly or welding, could be disregarded during the development process.

The specialist function of the robot is clear from its design:
  • _ By carefully coordinating the paint application and the TCP speed, including during rapid changes of direction, it is possible to accurately control the surface quality and coating thickness

  • _ Ideal for use in explosive atmospheres and with electrostatic...

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