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New line of automatic spray guns with quick-change adapter plates

Measuring and Testing

Walther Pilot presents a new automatic spray unit in a compact design. It can be used for every assignment in wet painting and when applying adhesives. The newly developed Pilot WA 900 involves a simple modular system that makes possible every combination that might be required for coating. There are two basic models — one with internal control, the second prepared for external adjustment of the spray parameters. Two different quick-change adapter plates have been developed and each can be used with either model. The user can choose between a standard adapter plate (nickel-plated aluminum) and a low-profile adapter plate made of stainless steel. The units can be connected to a branch line or to a material circulation ring line. In the Pilot WA 900 — as with most Walther Pilot automatic spray guns — the forward section and all the parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel (the only exception being the standard plate). The PTFE finish on the body of the spray gun makes this unit especially easy to clean. In regard to the atomizing technique, too, the user has several options to choose from. In addition to conventional and HVLP spray technologies, this manufacturer also offers the newly developed HVLP-Plus nozzle technology. This will help to save material and compressed air on the one hand while still guaranteeing the finest atomization at high working speeds.

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