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Online Particle Counter for Continuous Fluid Condition Monitoring

Measuring and Testing

Pamas has developed a new particle counter (Pamas OLS50P) to meet the increasing demand for online fluid condition monitoring. This new stationary instrument has been successfully implemented in several customer plants. All types of light extinction sensors of the Pamas HCB-LD series can be integrated in the new unit. If required, the sensor can be built of resistant material so that it can be used for the analysis of all types of liquids and critical fluids, from water to strong acid. The particle counter has eight different size channels and can therefore measure the following particle sizes: >4 μm(c), >6 μm(c), >10 μm(c), >14 μm(c), >21 μm(c), >25 μm(c), >38 μm(c) and >70 μm(c). For data transfer, the user has the choice between digital and analogue interfaces. Two different reporting and evaluation tools are available for analysing the measuring results: the visualisation software POV can be used for long-term trend monitoring. The component test software PCT provides online monitoring of components in industrial plants and component test rigs. With the aid of the software tools, measuring results can be reported according to common cleanliness standards. Furthermore, the measuring parameter can be set up individually and adapted to the specific application profile.

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