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User-Friendly Coating Thickness Gauge for Many Fields of Application

Measuring and Testing
The convenient Layercheck 750 USB thickness gauge from Erichsen is used for quick and precise, non-destructive coating thickness measurements on metallic substrates. Typical fields of application include industrial corrosion protection, electroplating and paint shops and the chemical, automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Its rubber surround provides additional impact protection. It is held in place by a spring-mounted sleeve. This ensures safe and stable positioning of the probe as well as a constant contact pressure. The single-pole measuring probe is connected to the gauge via a cable (1 metre long). The coating thickness gauge is equipped with a large, backlit LC display for measurements in badly lit surroundings. Depending on the type of instrument and probe, the coating thickness gauges work either according to the magnetic induction principle (model 750 USB-F) or the eddy-current method (model 750 USB-FN).

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