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New Colour Display for Coating Thickness Measurement

Measuring and Testing
The handheld coating thickness meters of the FMP10-40 series from Fischer allow non-destructive coating thickness measurement using the magnetic induction and/or eddy current process as well as measurement of the ferrite content in austenite and duplex steels. Equipped with a new high-contrast colour display, which is specially protected against dust and other soiling, these user-friendly and sturdy meters are ideally suited for measuring corrosion protection coatings on steel and aluminium in aggressive environments. The meters already have stored specifications for measurements according to IMO PSPC and SSPC PA2. The large and varied selection of wear-resistant measuring probes for many different requirements can precisely measure coating thicknesses even on rough surfaces. The meters are easy to use and have a USB interface for transferring the measured values to a PC, where they can be evaluated, logged and archived with the user-friendly and intuitive software. This makes it possible to create individual test reports.,

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