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Environmentally Friendly Parts Cleaning in Five Stages

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Cleaning and Pretreatment REACH-Compliant Procedure

During the manufacture of electronic components, precision cleaning processes are required. Contamination from cutting oils in particular must be removed without leaving any residues and with a minimum impact on the environment. Thales Electron Devices, a manufacturer of electronic equipment, is currently testing a new five-stage cleaning process.

Applications based on satellite technology can be found in almost all areas of private, business and public life. Satellite technology is used everywhere for modern data communications, including navigation with GPS, the use of multimedia on satellite TV programmes, coordination in aerospace systems and research. The devices which transmit the data have to meet high standards. They must be robust and durable in order to withstand the tough conditions in space, in particular with regard to their technical and precision mechanical components.

The key components of data transmission devices are travelling wave tubes or TWTs, which amplify the...

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