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Galvanising Plant Switches to Low-Temperature Powder

  • Thomas Roll
Powder Coating Curing Times Significantly Reduced

Specialists in surface technology know that galvanised substrates and powder coatings do not make a good combination. The porous surfaces of galvanised materials which emit gases require specific powder formulations in order to prevent pores or bubbles from forming in the coating. One Swiss galvanising plant is using a newly developed low-temperature powder which offers an efficient and cost-effective solution to this problem.

Two years ago, Christoph Schmidt, operations manager at Schweizerische Drahtziegelfabrik (SDL) in Lotzwil in Switzerland first expressed the desire to use low-temperature powders on zinc substrates. The reasons for introducing a change of this kind at SDL were obvious: „Installing a new powder coating line allowed us to make a huge increase in our throughput. As is often the case with powder coating lines, the box oven proved to be the bottleneck. On the one hand, the design meant that long curing times were needed and, on the other, the temperature fell to 130...

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