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A Deep-Matte Finish

  • Thomas Roll
Powder Coating Fine-Textured Coatings for Structural and Civil Engineering Applications

Fine-textured coatings with a deep-matte appearance are growing in popularity, in particular in the construction and civil engineering industries. A new range of deep-matte powder coatings produces high-quality, aesthetically pleasing results for industrial applications and facades.

Fine-textured, deep-matte finishes are becoming particularly popular, in particular in the construction and civil engineering sectors. The powder manufacturer IGP Pulvertechnik is joining this market trend with the launch of a new range of deep-matte powder coatings for a variety of different applications. The PTFE-based material used to make the textured additives is in short supply, which is partly due to the fact that the mineral raw material calcium difluoride, used in the manufacture of fluorine, can only be mined in a few locations. The increase in the range of fine-textured products on offer is therefore due to the raw materials market. However, reliable deliveries and consistent prices for textured...

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