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Lawn Tractors to Suit Every Customer

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Powder Coating Powder Coatings in All the Colours of the Rainbow

Keen gardeners are proud to mow their lawns with engine-driven garden tractors which have a modern design and come in a range of stylish colours. The tractors must not only look good and, of course, produce a perfectly mown lawn; they must also have a finish which is highly resistant to corrosion.

MTD Inc., which has its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), also has more than 20 production and sales sites throughout the world and is one of the leading manufacturers of engine-powered garden equipment. In Europe, MTD’s portfolio includes the “MTD”, “Wolf-Garten” and “Cub Cadet” brands. At the European headquarters of MTD Products in Saarbrücken-Bübingen (Germany) the company manufactures lawn tractors. The production site includes an assembly plant with a pre-production area for punching, bending, welding, laser cutting, gearbox assembly, tyre fitting and powder coating.

MTD manufactures an impressively wide range of lawn tractors. Constantly changing requirements from different...

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