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7,000th Dürr Painting Robot Operates in China

After a positive experience with several Dürr paint shops already supplied, the Chinese joint venture SGM has ordered two more, one for the Norsom III plant in spring 2012 and now as follow-up project in Wuhan. In this identical plant, the 7,000th painting robot from Dürr will go into operation. As the general contractor, Dürr is building an energy-saving and resource-saving production facility with the latest technology in Wuhan. Interior and exterior painting in the topcoat area is performed fully automatically by 86 robots. On each line, each body is cleaned with emu feathers before the painting process takes place. The base coat and clear coat are applied by a rotary atomiser (EcoBell2). When used for interior painting, this atomiser achieves a higher application efficiency than an ordinary atomiser and additionally provides significant material savings. The paint booth system EcoDryScrubber saves up to 60 percent of energy in the painting booth. The combination of dry separation and fully automatic paint application on the interior and exterior leads to a significant reduction in operating costs. This affects energy consumption as well as the consumption of paint. In addition to that, synergy effects from the predecessor project could be realised.

Assembly of painting robots at the Dürr plant in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany

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