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Chemetall Opens New Production Facility in the USA

The newly opened Chemetall production facility in Blackman Township, USA, is one of the biggest surface treatment facilities in the world. Chemetall has invested around $25 million in this manufacturing plant, which will cover approximately 20,000 square metres to house manufacturing, and warehousing operations as well as a physical testing laboratory. Almost one thousand Chemetall products and processes will in future be produced at the site for applications in surface treatment, metal fabrication, surface cleaning and metal processing. According to the company, the new facility fulfils the highest environmental and safety standards. “With this investment in Blackman Township we will further expand our surface treatment business in the NAFTA region. We are committed to setting equally high standards around the globe with regard to superior quality for our customers and a low carbon footprint” said Joris Merckx, President of Chemetall. At the new plant, a semi-automated waste treatment system has been installed to reduce process waste water by 90 percent. Automation advancements, including bulk material handling systems, mixing vessels and packaging lines, have also been incorporated into the Blackman Township facility to increase productivity as well as to improve product yield and quality for customers.

The main building of the new Chemetall production facility in Blackman Township, USA

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