Since January 2017 a new editorial board is responsible for the DMV Jahresberichte. This journal has a long history. It was founded more than 125 years ago in order to present the latest scientific developments to the German mathematical community. Nowadays, it contains review articles about current fields of research, the presentation of mathematical highlights to a wider audience, book presentations, obituaries, etc. Since its foundation the number of mathematical journals increased substantially, and the Editor-in-Chief and his Co-Editors had to work harder and harder to keep the quality of the journal. I would like to thank Hans-Christoph Grunau who did this work with great enthusiasm and great success for the last eight years.

Today the journal is more international but still unique in the sense that authors are asked to present specialized fields of research to the whole community of mathematicians. Nevertheless, the articles are written in a mathematically precise way. This allows young academics to rapidly gain an overview of new upcoming topics but also to understand the historical background of some developments.

This is your journal and therefore, beside our article hunting, we invite you to send us proposals for topics which should be presented in the DMV Jahresbericht. We especially ask our younger readers to tell us what they are interested in. Please send your proposals to my e-mail address.

In the present issue, Roland Speicher presents “Free Probability Theory” and its appearance in representation theory, random matrices, and operator algebras. Ben Schweizer explains us the mathematics behind the construction of meta-materials with astonishing properties. His article is entitled: “Resonance meets homogenization”. Finally, we have three book presentations, that are still edited by Thomas Bartsch.

We hope that you enjoy reading this issue.

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