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Comparison of LC and UPLC Coupled to MS–MS for the Determination of Sulfonamides in Egg and Honey

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Determination of ten sulfonamides (SAs) in egg and honey has been compared using column liquid chromatography (LC) and ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UPLC) coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (MS–MS). A liquid–liquid extraction with acetonitrile followed by solid-phase extraction on a Strata-X cartridge was developed for sample preparation. The analytical performance of both methods was compared applying the alternative matrix-comprehensive in-house validation approach using specially designed software InterVal™. Using UPLC the separation time was shortened about 30% reducing the run time by 8 min and a better resolution was achieved compared to LC. Due to higher peak efficiency achieved with UPLC, the decision limit values obtained by both techniques were almost equal (6.61–9.43 μg kg−1 and 7.25–11.9 μg kg−1 for UPLC and LC, respectively), despite the fact that in UPLC twice lower sample volumes were injected. Satisfactory and comparable recoveries (80–110%) were obtained by UPLC and LC for all the SAs, except for sulfacetamide by LC and sulfabenzamide by both methods. For a majority of the spiked compounds, UPLC gave significantly better precision.


Column liquid chromatography Ultra-performance LC Tandem mass spectrometry Sulfonamides Egg and honey 


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