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Perchloroethylene Instead of Aqueous Cleaning

New System More Cost-Effective
  • Markus Mitschele
Cleaning and Pretreatment

A well-known manufacturer of bolt-on engine components planned to replace its solvent cleaning machine with an aqueous system. After carrying out numerous tests with several different machine suppliers, the company opted instead for a new solvent system. This article explains why.

The manufacturer of bolt-on engine components based in southern Germany is an OEM for almost all European car brands. The blanks for the end product are a variety of stamped, bent and deep-drawn parts which are mass produced from galvanised sheet steel. The individual parts are transported internally as bulk goods in large wire mesh pallets. In order to avoid having to remove them from the pallets with the accompanying risk of causing damage, the pallets, which are 1000 × 800 × 1000 mm in size, are also used as baskets for the degreasing system.

Thorough planning is crucial

The supplier to the automotive industry has had solvent degreasing machines from several different suppliers in operation at its site for...

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