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New One-for-All Powder Coating System

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The innovative, polyester-based Alesta IP Gloss has been developed by DuPont CoatingSolutions for a broad range of industrial indoor and outdoor applications. The new glossy powder coating system features optimised application properties combined with high weathering and UV resistance as well as mechanical properties and a more flexible curing window. Alesta IP Gloss therefore fulfils the requirements in many areas of industrial powder coating. Powder coatings based on polyester are often the first choice when it comes to industrial coating of metal surfaces for indoor and outdoor use. The new powder coating system optimises functional, visual and economic advantages in the coating of all kinds of metals. The new product has been available since March 2012. A key feature of the new powder coating system is its enhanced application characteristics. Alesta IP Gloss exhibits excellent reactivity and very good flow. The coated, glossy surface provides excellent resistance against weathering and UV radiation. At the same time, it features good mechanical properties and is highly flexible. Additionally, the new powder allows users to apply a higher layer thickness, for example between 150 and 250 microns, without even the slightest surface defect. Alesta IP Gloss also offers added value from an economic perspective. The high transfer efficiency results in reduced mate-rial consumption and high productivity. The more flexible curing window also helps to save energy. The versatile application spectrum and the wide range of colours available mean that the new powder coating system can be used for protective and decorative coatings in practically all areas of industry. This versatility enables job-shop coaters in particular to reduce the number of powder coatings kept on stock, which leads to cost and space savings. To enable users to become familiar with these benefits in practice, DuPont CoatingSolutions are offering a 1 kg can of Alesta IP Gloss free of charge for testing purposes. These can be ordered at

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