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Saltfree coagulation agents for both water and solvent based paints

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The liquid and therefore easy to dose paint coagulation agents of Zeller+Gmelin are optimally adapted to the needs of common paint systems in the automotive industry and its suppliers. Thanks to the special formulation based on organic separating agents and special polymers both hydro and solvent based paints can be safely and reliably coagulated without noticeably increasing the salt content of the water. The detackified paint sludge can easily be removed and the service life of the circulating water is significantly prolonged. This reduces the impact on the environment and costs for both disposal and cleaning. Divinol saltfree coagulation agents made by Zeller+Gmelin are suitable for a range of paint sludge discharge systems such as skimming devices for floating or sedimenting paint sludge as well as decanters.

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