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Measuring & Testing New Coating Thickness Meter
A new range of meters for the mobile measurement of the thickness of applied coatings and galvanic coatings is now available. The innovative design also allows the meters to be used in areas that are difficult to reach.

The small diameter of the meter and the measuring head that can swivel through 90° allow mobile coating thickness measurements even on areas that are difficult access

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The new coating thickness meters (Top-Check) from List-Magnetik are barely bigger than a measuring probe (Ø 28 × 98 mm) and feature a measuring head that can be swivelled through 90 degrees, thus making it unique throughout the world according to the manufacturers. This enables it to measure coating thickness even in otherwise inaccessible places. The meters were developed for every type of industrial application and for vehicle assessors, and will replace the Easy-Check range of meters.

With their low weight and compact size, the meters are ideal for performing on-site measurements. The measuring head has a wear-resistant ruby probe pole, which has a long service life even when used for measurements on rough surfaces.

The metal housing is splash-proof and therefore also suitable for use in harsh environments.

The meters have an illuminated and high-contrast OLED graphic display with a bilingual menu (German and English). The self-explanatory menu navigation renders operating instructions largely superfluous. The meter is operated with a single button and operation is simple and clearly laid out, making it easy to use even for technically inexperienced users.

The new coating thickness meters are available in four versions:
  • The Top-Check FE model can measure all non-magnetic coatings (paint, lacquer, plastic and galvanic coatings) using the magnetic-inductive method in accordance with ISO 2178 (measuring range: 0 – 5000 μm).

  • The Top-Check FN model can measure all insulating coatings on ferrous or non-ferrous metals and galvanic coatings on ferrous metals using either the magnetic-inductive (ISO 2178) or the eddy current (ISO 2360) measuring method (measuring range: ferrous 0 – 5000 μ m, non-ferrous 0 – 2000 μ m). Automatic recognition of the substrate makes the meter even more user-friendly. The measuring head automatically selects the correct measuring method as soon as it touches the surface.

  • The Top-Check FE-B (magnetic-inductive) and Top-Check FN-B (magnetic-inductive and eddy current measuring principles combined in a single measuring probe) additionally have a measured value memory function and an integrated Bluetooth wireless interface, which allows both online measurements and stored measurements to be transferred to a PC, laptop or mobile phone.

New compatible data transfer software for an Android operating system has been developed and will be available for the online measurement and storage of measured values on a mobile phone in spring 2013. This allows online measurements to be sent by mobile phone directly from the measuring location.

User-friendly data transfer software for PC applications is available for download free of charge from the manufacturer’s website. According to the manufacturer, the new meters can be ordered from the end of June 2012.

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